who's who

  1. E9.2 Business Function to retrieve e-mail address from Who's Who?

    Hello, I need to retrieve some data from the Who's Who files, & I think I got most of it by: Doing a single fetch using the Address Number and another parameter (01/W0) to find the Address Number and ID I need to use. I would as well take the "Mailing Name" from the Who's Who. In N1701900...
  2. TomAbbott

    E1 9.2 New Address Book Entry Not Creating Who's Who

    When I create a new Address Book record using P01012 I'm not getting a Who's Who (F0111) record created automatically. I thought by default a line 0 record gets created when you add a new entry. I've checked the P01012 processing options as well as the master business function process options...