1. Upload more than 5000 record to F0902Z1

    Hi, We are moving to new JDE9.2 in few weeks. With our testing we find out we can't upload large data. System freeze and don't do anything. This process of uploading the same number of records takes only few minutes in our current system (JDE 9.0). Thanks,
  2. Mass upload information in multiple customer activity logs?

    Hello, is there a way with an Excel file to mass upload activity messages in multiple customers account's activity log. Let's say I have in the Excel file the Customer account number, message type number and message to be uploaded, can it be done through batch processing or mass upload. Thanks...
  3. Rauf

    Media Objects - Bulk Upload in JDE E1 8.12 TR 8.96.40

    We are planning to migrate from a Document Control System developed in Microsoft Access. We can upload the data into a custom JDE table, but how can I upload the documents ? It is having thousands of PDF files with name stored as DocumentID_Date_.PDF. Anybody, please give some threads to achieve...