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    Transportation- partial completion of work order creates new shipment number

    Hello We sell configured items - STKT=C LNTY=W. These are also serialized items SRCE=6. According to doc id 1117707.1 Configurator and Transportation, when there is a partial completion of a work order and the sales order line splits, a new shipment number is assigned to the line with the...
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    Transportation Module Calculation of F4211 PPDJ/PDDJ Question

    Customer Problem Description --------------------------------------------------- Problem Summary --------------------------------------------------- How are the Pick Date (PDDJ) and Ship Date (PPDJ) calculated by TMS for 'make to order' items? Problem Description...
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    Load Unload Update Header Cache

    When routing is applied at load level, why Update Shipment Routing NER is not used? Load Unload Update header cache is used, but why we cannot pass load number in Update Shipment routing and do the routing at Load level? is it feasible?
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    R42118 sometimes assigns old shipment (status 80) to released line

    Hello group, We are on E1 9.1.5 and use transportation. We have multiple orders consolidation turned on in transportation constants. Whenever R42118 releases an order line, it assigns an old shipment, even status 80, to the released line. We need to always manually consolidate all released...
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    Customer Delivery Hours and Transportation Module - HELP!

    We have the need to specify customer delivery TIMES in addition to the requested delivery date for sales orders. We've been noting delivery hours in print messages but are looking for a way to store these values in a field that populates on the shipment record so they are more visible to the...