1. N/A Preferred Supplier in Branch/Planet Item Information (Item Master)

    I am new to JDE and I am in a small factory where not many people know how it works We want to be able to set our preferred Supplier for a given item and for that choice to remain unless manually changed again in Item Master - allowing us to always know our preferred Supplier for an item...
  2. E9.2 Supplier Minimum payments per month

    Hello JDE Gurus, Per some of our contracts, we are supposed to pay minimum payments to a supplier per month. If the minimum amount is reached when we cut our regular POs to suppliers, we do not need to make any extra payments. If the minimum is not reached, we have to make up the difference...
  3. Self-Service for Suppliers

    Hi all, Just looking for anyone that has implemented Supplier Self-Service without additional software - using just what God and E1 gives you. :-) Would love some feedback.
  4. R3483 Vendor calendar

    Hy, Is there any MRP functionality (R3483 PO's, additional set-up, or so?) that can assign a calendar to a supplier, specific for the MRP Messages, where the Request Date will be generatet? We use R3483, planning messages stored in F3411, informations about request date and start dates are...