1. E9.2 Trim Long String

    Hello, Is there any function wich I can trim a long (150-200 len) string with ? The ltrim and rtrim system function parse only 30 characters . Thanks Zoltan
  2. RaulZGZ

    Hash String to MD5

    Hi everyone! I'm working in the conexion between an external app and jde, and the login must be in the jde side.(9.0- 9.1-9.2) I'm looking for a BSFN that can hash a String to MD5. Do you guys knows if there is something like this in E1? Thanks for the help!
  3. F08042 History Date to JDE Date Conversion?

    Howdy, In the HR History table, the Date Terminated is stored as a string, in the F08042.JWHSTD column. Basically, instead of being store as a date, it is stored in the same format as it would appear - if you looked at the value from the database: 109222 111021 ... BUT - the values are stored...
  4. How to Convert Date format MM/DD/YY to YYYY/MM/DD ?

    Hi, I need to convert date in format MM/DD/YY to date field of 10 length with format YYYY/MM/DD. I have string ready in format YYYY/MM/DD but not able to convert to date in same format. I tried using BSFN "B74I0010 - Convert String to Date using Format Mask" by passing mask as "EOA" but still...