1. EDI R470412 Sucessfully Processed KCO

    Hi Guys, Recently, I tried to run R470412 EDI and it was successful. However, when i check the data found that in F47042, KCO is auto populated to the wrong company. Example Invoice belongs to company 00001 but KCO is updated with 00002. Any ideas? Thanks. Regards, Edward Kok
  2. In R470412: Adding new non Stock lines through EDI with Blank GL Date

    Hi, We are trying to create voucher(3 way match) by using R470412 with new non Stock line with Blank GL Date. PO is received in prior period/year. GL date in EDI header(F47041) is maintained as Blank. We expect system to use current Date as GL Date in F0411. This program failed to create...
  3. I need to Know more information about R470412 report?

    I need to get more information on R470412 report. How it will update the fields in F47041,F47042, F47044. And does it update it in F4311. Can anyone send me more useful pdf about this report or document and also explain me about EDI batch process? It will be really helpful to me. Thanks &...