1. E9.2 CAC0001025

    Help me Please CAC0001025 - Application code leaked 6 caches which were detected when freeing environment JPD920 (EnvHandle 0086f190) for user EAMORALESR. Please refer to the debug log for details. If there are not enough details in the debug log to determine the cause, set Output=FILE in the...
  2. R007021 Integrity Report - Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Detail (F0911) Unposted

    The R007021 Integrity report is showing up a multitude of different batch types being unposted . The error message is “Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Detail (F0911) Unposted” – basically the detail is not posting into the G/L, but the batch header is coming up as posted. To fix, I simply...