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    AIS Client Class Generator : JDE Rest Service Call Failed : Status 404 Not Found

    I am trying to use the AIS Client Class Generator for Generating the AIS Classes. But I am receiving the error "404 Not Found". The AIS Link is working and returning the Data through Soap UI successfully. Using Below Versions: JDE 9.1 JDeveloper AISCGE 12c_v1.5.4 Kindly Help Me...
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    Hi Guys, I am curreny developing mobile apps with Oracle MAF, however when i declare the following GridAction gridAction = new GridAction(); I hit the following error com.oracle.e1.jdemf.CapabilityException So when i proceed to debug, i checked that both the server and the about.properties file...
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    Developing with MAF or ADF

    Hi Guys I am assigned to design and build an application for JDE. I have the AIS installed but i am confused as to which platforms should i build on as there are little to know about the MAF & ADF. I am trying to build an entry screen which writes to a customised table. Do share with me your...
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    AIS Client Class Generator Return Error P4312_W4312A

    Hi Guys, I am currently doing mobile development in JDE through MAF. While I was generating the java classes using the AIS Client Class Generator for P4312_W4312A, it return an error message The following is the error message return from the JSON Response from server : "errors" : [ {...
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    Standalone 9.2 with Mobile Apps

    Hi All, Would like to test out mobiles apps from a recently installed Standalone 9.2 . Any ideas on this? Many thanks. Regards, Edward Kok
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    Anyone has experienced MAF?

    Hi Is there anyone who has experienced MAF and developed some mobile app for JD Edwards? Regards, Parag
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    Using MAF on Mac get iOS J Developer signing identity is incorrect

    Hi, I am looking into using MAF for iphone 5s. So I have an issues a) when trying to deploy sample app to iphone get construction error that signing identity is not correct. I know where to set it in preferences and have got certificates in xcode, but struggling to work out what needs to be...
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    'Disconnected' Mobile Applications

    OK - let's challenge what we know about the whole MAF/IAS and all those other new (or recent) acronyms that OracleJDE has been sending to us. Current Process: We have 'Secret Agents' that go out to the 'Far and Remote Locations' and 'do their thing'. They report these 'things' into a Visual...
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    E1: Using JDEVELOPER MAF to build JDE mobile aplication

    Hello!!! Anyone tried ,with success,to do the sample aplication delivered by oracle to create mobile aplications for JDEDWARDS? i'm struggling in the login part! Before i add the login and jdemobileframework jar files i can deploy the app to the emulator with the sucess , and the app is working...