1. E9.2 JDK Licensing

    Hello, JDK licensing is a bit confusing. Before we contact our sales rep does anyone know if we need to license JDK 1.8 for our JDE E1 servers in production? Would this also apply to PY and DV servers? By servers I mean Enterprise, Deployment, Application Interface, HTML.
  2. Mobile and Media Objects and Security

    Hi JDEList, I have a few theoretical questions about mobile and not sure who best to ask. We did put in an SR but can’t believe the answer so hoping that someone can tell me that it isn’t true. Background: - We are about to implement invoices stored as pdfs on sharepoint - We will automate...
  3. JDE 9.0 Program (Pxxxx) per module overview

    Hi, Is there a list or table where you can find the corresponding program (Pxxxx) per module ? So for example, which Pxxxx's belong to HR module ? and so one for every program. Thanks, K