1. E9.1 Table primary Key change

    Hi, I'm positive there is no similar question thats why posting this as a new thread. I added a new field into a standard table(added the column as a last column in the table, also the field is a custom DD item i just now created). I have updated the primary key(Index) of the table to contain...
  2. Adrian_Chimirel

    E1 Indices validation against SQL tables indices

    HI, Does anybody know about a UBE that validates E1 indices vs those existing in the database tables? Thank you,
  3. Cannot grant INDEX to a ROLE

    Hello, Relatively new here. Having an issue when doing package builds. Sometimes we get zombies. It is not a happening at regular intervals or for specific servers its just random. The only common point we have found is that there are DB issues with all even builds that do not zombie. Any ideas...
  4. Adding field in table

    Dear All, I got the requirement to add new field to existing table. Table in already in PD and it has data in it. as per my knowledge we have to create index and generate the table in PD once the modified table in promoted to PD from PY. now I am in confusion, after adding the field I will...
  5. Index on Table Conversion

    Hi, If you create a Table Conversion for copying data from one table (F0911) to another (F55911) and with a data selection, for example GLPOST='P', my question is, will the database use the appropriate index by GLPOST although you are not pointing to it becase you only selected F0911 as Input...