headerless detail

  1. E9.2 How to set add limit to only one row in Headerless Detail (or more)

    Hi guys, this is more about a tutorial than a question. I'm based in a recent problem I had and this discussion: https://www.jdelist.com/community/threads/dont-display-a-blank-row-in-headerless.33064/ ("Don\'t Display a blank row in Headerless") 1) This is for you who wants a Headerless...
  2. Headerless Detail Form with GRID

    Is there any way to identify whether our grid is modified or new row in added?
  3. Next Number in Headerless Detail form

    Hi Dears, i create a headerless details form to insert multiple rows in the grid , my form based on a single table in business view , the primary key has a next number incremented in each insert of the grid , the values get inserted and have the next number in the "row is exited " event also...