1. E9.2 Orchestration POST Request for file input and input

    Created a Orchestration to receive a file input as well as an orchestration input. Running the orchestration in Orchestrator works perfectly fine, however, when downloading the swagger file and importing to Postman, I cannot figure out how to construct the POST request. I am quite familiar with...
  2. BSFN Find File with wildcards on AIX

    Hi All, we need to find files using wildcards on AIX. How do you solve it? Standard BSFN doesn´t work. Thanks for reply. Petr
  3. jdeFopen Won't open file in AS400

    Hello All I need to work with plain text files in AS400 using C++. According to documentation I read, i should use a parameter "r" in AS400 and "rb" or "rt" for Intel. The problem is that the file never opens no matter what parameter is used. I'm using the following code fragment: #ifdef...