1. Receipt "OV" Match Vouchered "PV"

    Hi , I want to match Receipt "OV" with Vouchered "PV", for example under one "OV" how many Invoices vouchered as "PV" Please help. Thanks in Advance Kaif
  2. Mike Mackinnon

    Order Line Type - Inventory Interface "C" for G/L Account and Stock

    We have tried to setup a new process using a custom line type (ZZ) with inventory interface set to "C". We are having problems with inventory PO receipt and receipt routing. We can receive the PO with no problems (P4312)...everything works great. However, when we try to process via Receipt...
  3. When receiving goods (P4312) purchase receiver table (F43121) sometimes isn't updated

    We are having problems with voucher matching for certain purchase orders. We are using the 'Receipts to Match' menu option under Voucher Entry with Match (P0411). For certain purchase orders, when we try to match, no goods received are displayed. I have investigated the matter. It seems that...