1. adamodar

    Excel Template - Repeat Groups that meets specific criteria

    What is the equivalent of the following RTF Template Code in Excel Template: XML will be of the following structure: The expected output will be, kind of, in the following format: Basically printing the information of multiple address numbers but the information needs to be printed only...
  2. Get JDE report to Excel

    I am a VBA developer and trying to get the Output of a report from JDE to Excel through ODBC. I am able to connect to JDE using New Query option in Excel and I can see the tables but unable to find the data I am looking for. We run a Gain and Losses report and then extract the report through...
  3. Upload more than 5000 record to F0902Z1

    Hi, We are moving to new JDE9.2 in few weeks. With our testing we find out we can't upload large data. System freeze and don't do anything. This process of uploading the same number of records takes only few minutes in our current system (JDE 9.0). Thanks,