event rules

  1. E9.2 Read files from BSNF

    Hello everyone! I have a question... is there a BSFN for reading files in a specific path?
  2. E9.2 Read files Event Rules JD Edwards

    ¡Hola a todos! Tengo una pregunta... ¿existe un BSFN para leer archivos en una ruta específica?
  3. E9.2 System Function Send Message Extended

    Hi everyone; We are using the system function "Send Message Extended" to send an email with a Shortcut to an application. But we have the problem that when a person is in both "To" parameter and "Cc" parameter, it comes 2 emails to that person, and we don't want it, we expect to receive just...
  4. E9.2 Using Regular Expressions in BSFN or Event Rules

    Hello everyone!, Is there a Business Function that validates an expression that can contain Letters from A to Z (Upper Case) and digits (0-9) and must not have spaces?
  5. BookClub

    E9.2 F4211FSEditLine Affecting More Fields Than Intended

    Hello, I am running into problems using F4211FSEditLine. I'm using it to change a few fields on F4211 such as location in a report. I'm using BeginDoc->EditLine->EndDoc and after EndDoc finishes I am finding many fields in both F4201 and F4211 to have been blanked and the pricing to be changed...
  6. E9.2 use data sel/seq from a section affects Set User Selections?

    Hello everyone, I'm developing a report that creates a txt file with multiple lines, I need to separate the report in two sections with the same BSVW because I need to print lines with 2 diferent user selections, I made an example with SQL code: WHERE (DELN = 0 AND DRQJ > TODAY - 30 days)...
  7. cvilac

    E9.2 Rule compare with NULL

    Good morning Is it possible to make a Rule with the propuse to compare a value if is NULL or not? Thanks
  8. Where are stored the codes from RDA-FDA "Validate Event Rule"?

    Hi, i'm looking for some of the codes of the Validate Event Rules from RDA and FDA. Im talking the messenges from the log: /* CER ERROR #3005 : Unable to fetch DS template items */ /* CER ERROR #3032 : Invalid Form Business View Id */ /* CER ERROR #3007 : Invalid datastructure or member */ /*...
  9. Selecting Custom Grid Name

    I am working for a client with JDE E1 version 9.2. A user can customize a grid: i.e. move columns, set sequence, etc and then name their customization. There is also a way to attach a custom grid name to a version. Let's say I have 10 custom grid names for a version... is there a way for...
  10. Deepesh

    FDA/RDA crashes on writing Table IO

    Hi, I'm having a unique problem, where the FDA or RDA crashes out when I write a Table IO ER statement (like a fetch single or so). Screenshot attached. We are on 8.98 tools (E811) Regards Deepesh MD
  11. Event rules jumping when scrolling in FDA and RDA

    Hi all, We're currently on tools and 9.0 app. I noticed that since our most recent tools upgrade from 8.98 to 9.1 when using the mousewheel to scroll in event rules, the page jumps around. This behavior seems to disappear if you remote to a machine using remote desktop then perform the...