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    ESU roll back procedure from environment?

    We have two to three environments on PY910 pathcode. example : APY910,BPY910, CPY910 Applied ESUs on APY910, BPY910,CPY910 environments, This will create single project JM****_PY910 irrespective of environments. Now need to roll back ESU from APY910. Go to ESU application and search ESU ...
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    Code discrepancies in different environment

    So we have weird issue going on and I would really appreciate any advice I can get here. Here are the Bullet points. 1. When we did a comparison in the c code between PD and PY, we found some mismatches,some objects were missing and some objects had code mismatches 2. We ignore objects in...
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    ESU JL24168. Model Journal copy

    I'm relativeley new to JD Edwards. I need to discover details about ESU JL24168. How do I go about what the package does wand what is affected by it. Thank you in advance.
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    How to View ESU's on Previous installations

    List, Is there an easy way to view code changes in ESU's for a previous release? We are on JDE E9.2 and have a bug in one of our reports (R43500). The bug is fixed in an ESU for 9.1 but hasn't been approved for 9.2 yet. We need this ASAP to Go-Live. Is there a way I can view the code that...
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    Applying ESU to Standalone 9.2

    Hi All, I have recently installed a standalone 9.2 demo and would like to apply an ESU to fix a big. Is it possible to do so and what are the steps? Please advise. Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Edward Kok