1. N/A Error when ESU deployment setup

    Hello everyone, I get the following error in the deployment server when I try to setup ESU. Is there anything I can do to solve the problem ?
  2. ESU roll back procedure from environment?

    We have two to three environments on PY910 pathcode. example : APY910,BPY910, CPY910 Applied ESUs on APY910, BPY910,CPY910 environments, This will create single project JM****_PY910 irrespective of environments. Now need to roll back ESU from APY910. Go to ESU application and search ESU ...
  3. Code discrepancies in different environment

    So we have weird issue going on and I would really appreciate any advice I can get here. Here are the Bullet points. 1. When we did a comparison in the c code between PD and PY, we found some mismatches,some objects were missing and some objects had code mismatches 2. We ignore objects in...
  4. ESU JL24168. Model Journal copy

    I'm relativeley new to JD Edwards. I need to discover details about ESU JL24168. How do I go about what the package does wand what is affected by it. Thank you in advance.
  5. How to View ESU's on Previous installations

    List, Is there an easy way to view code changes in ESU's for a previous release? We are on JDE E9.2 and have a bug in one of our reports (R43500). The bug is fixed in an ESU for 9.1 but hasn't been approved for 9.2 yet. We need this ASAP to Go-Live. Is there a way I can view the code that...
  6. Applying ESU to Standalone 9.2

    Hi All, I have recently installed a standalone 9.2 demo and would like to apply an ESU to fix a big. Is it possible to do so and what are the steps? Please advise. Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Edward Kok