1. E9.2 Freight Charge added to Transfer Order at receipt

    Hi. My client is using 9.2 and has multiple companies and branches, and they are using weighted average cost in some of the destination branches. They charge a fee for shipping between the branches for certain items. ($x per ton). They would like to be able to have the OT receipt modified so...
  2. E9.1 What are the tables will be hit when I enter sales order(p4210)

    what are the tables will be hit when i enter sales order
  3. Krusador

    A9.2 ASN requirement of tracking numbers for each carton

    Is anyone using JDE World to ship to retailers, specifically Amazon? They are now requiring that each carton of a small parcel shipment (Fedex, UPS, etc.) include its unique tracking number. We have been sending the "parent" number for each carton, but they are no longer accepting this...
  4. Warehouse Picking request is not getting created

    Hi.. I have completed all the setup for Warehouse Picking Process with fixed Rule but when i am entering Sales order its not inserting data in F4600 so no pick request is getting created I am also executed Batch Application R46150 after creating sales order but nothing happens You can access...