1. alfredorz

    E9.2 IBM Db2 exception value out of range

    Hi JDE Friends, I'm reaching out regarding an issue encountered when Receipt Routing PO (P43250) where sometimes the lines do not close to status 999 as expected. We have IBM Db2 database. In the debug log, we've identified that the issue lies with is for user decimal separator configuration...
  2. A7.3 List of database tables used by the HR and Payroll modules

    Hello dear experts, I hope this message finds you all very well! I am a consultant for an organization which wants to migrate data from JD Edwards World A7.3 on DB2 for IBM i v5r4. I want to profile the data on tables using some Data Quality profiling and auditing software. However, I would...
  3. E9.2 User Permissions and table changes report

    Hi Guys I'm new to JDE and DB2 for i , and iSeries I need help with the below reports: 1. what access each user has? 2. roles and what can those role change on the system/db? 3. system/ DB changes history Trail? 4. Can I schedule it to run daily/week/Monthly?
  4. Scheduled job running at ~10% speed after IPL/backups

    Hello all! We've come up empty-handed so I'm reaching out to the masses for advice. I'm a sysadmin turned BA so forgive me if I initially leave out pertinent information. We have a pretty hefty custom job that processes incredibly slowly at the end of the month after we do back-ups and IPL...
  5. Top Tables in E1 /DB2

    By chance anyone has a SQL command in handy which pulls out the top 10 or top 30 tables on E1/DB2 I sense that these are the big ones F4211,F0101,F4101,F0911,F4311 But need more data Thanks in advance