1. BI Publisher Bursting

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this scenario. I'm attaching a snippet of the xml file and screen shot of the current Report Definition setup. I want to burst and email the report when the NameMailing_ID8 changes. Basically, we want to send three separate emails (Vendor1...
  2. BIPublisher Supress Email on Blank pdf

    How do I prevent the BIPublisher from bursting a blank PDF to a customer requesting nightly copies. This job is set up in scheduler to run nightly and reprints pickslipd fof the customer and emails it to them.
  3. BIP Bursting Issue

    Hi, I am having an issue when running a report with BIP bursting. Without bursting 1 pdf generated. Pdf displays 2 pages with page#1 and Page#2 that's fine. but when bursting getting 2 output pdf. 2nd pdf page number is page#2. I want both page number start from 1. Thanks
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher - Burst to Customer Email Address

    We have setup a process to email AR Customer Statements to our customers. The emailing seems to work fine so far. However, I am wondering if there is a way to specify the 'type' of email address to use from the F01151 table (types 'E', 'ES','I', etc.). We may have the possibility of many...