1. E9.2 Remove blank spaces in front of the batch number (LOTN)

    How to remove blank spaces in front of the batch number (LOTN) without losing the traceability batch between the tables? Exist anything tools for this?
  2. E9.2 Best Practices After Server Down

    We recently experienced a sever malfunction which caused all our internal systems to stop working mid day , as the concerned parties are working on solutions and getting things up and running normally , I was wondering what would be the best practices and if you have any tips to share to have...
  3. E9.1 Batch Approval / Workflow Both a Secured and Approved User

    Can you set up Bath Approval where a user is both a secured and an approved user under different circumstances? For example, a manager needs to be an approved for the staff's entries. However, there are some more complex entries that the manager needs to input but those entries will need to be...
  4. Can't see my changes on DV web for a Batch after deployment

    Hello Everyone. This is weird. If anyone could help me out with something that will be fine. I have done changes on a custom batch and ran it locally. I could see my changes. I get an xml with my changes. Post deployment, I see my changes in the code but when I run the batch on the DV server...
  5. World Batch Dreamwriter Copy

    List, Is there a BATCH job to copy selected DreamWriter specs between environments? I haven't found one (yet) in my searching.... Thanks Frosty
  6. Prevent Web (Skinny) Versions for a Specific UBE

    I will be updating all versions of R09801 so that they submit to the same single-threaded queue. However, if a user creates a web version the job queue cannot be specified so then it will default to another queue. Is there a way to prevent web versions on a specific UBE? I don't want to take...