1. E9.2 Text attachment not displayed on Browser

    Hi People, There is no text attachment visible in the link in the e-mail we sent to ourselves for testing purposes. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this?
  2. BookClub

    E9.2 Converting Attachments and Placing Them Back

    Hello! I recently converted all of my attachments from RTF to HTML. I did this by pulling the GDTXFT field from F00165 using SQL and changing it from an image into readable RTF text like so: cast(cast(F00165.GDTXFT as varbinary(max)) as nvarchar(max)) I then changed the RTF as needed to make it...
  3. Text Attachments on Firefox and Chrome

    Hi, We're facing a problem opening the text attachment with browser Firefox and Chrome (IE works fine). The strange thing is that only attachments with blank in field F00165.GDGTITNM can be opened directly and the rest only opening the rtf link. Does anyone have a suggestion for that? Thanks...
  4. Not having JDE as a document manager tool for Attachments

    Our company is trying to avoid using JDE as a document management tool. We think that using JDE for large attachments can be a detrimental to performance and storage. Besides, there are better document management tools out there and JDE was not designed for that. Which solutions have you guys...