1. How to connect tables from SQL server to Oracle database

    Hi All, We have this issue. We have JDE E920 on Oracle database running on AIX and need to make select to some tables on SQL server. My idea is to make a DB view and fake E1 table. But I don´t know, how to make connection to SQL server from Oracle database... Thanks for help. Petr
  2. BSFN Find File with wildcards on AIX

    Hi All, we need to find files using wildcards on AIX. How do you solve it? Standard BSFN doesn´t work. Thanks for reply. Petr
  3. Weblogic procees uses at least 60% of CPU

    Hello On our server we have an issue that since last week the CPU is getting up to 95%. We have find out that process WEBLOGIC is using more than 60% and should be max 20%. What could cause such an issue as we are looking for a root cause for this ? Please adivse Rgs