1. E9.2 Using AAIs to block certain accounts in Purchase Orders

    Hey all! Our FA's want to stop certain account codes from being used for Purchase Orders. Someone from the Oracle discussions suggested to use AAIs to accomplish this. Has anyone already set this type of thing up? Thanks for any feedback! Cheers!
  2. Fixed Assets, creating Asset Master by posting G/L to F/A, responsible bu?

    Hi all I'm trying to find out how to get automatic creation of Asset Master records by posting batch from G/L to F/A. I've done all the setups that I can find out in the manual. My general setup is one BU for BS, which is the same as the company number, 20. A lot of BU for P&L accounting, +100...
  3. Landed Cost

    HI, We are implementing Landed Cost Management in JDE 9.0 I have established AAI 4310 for Inventory Account and 4320 for Receipts not voucher I have established AAI 4385 and 4390 for other charges i.e. Port Dues, Clearance etc etc. Now the problem is Our Accounts department wants to hit...