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JD Edwards Certifications


I am wondering whether anyone had a chance to take the Xe Product Certification, I am planing on few, like to get some feed back.


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What do you mean by XE Certification?

Have you been certified in any other release, if yes, there should not be any need to recertify, being that not much has changed when it comes to Functionality.

Is there a specific Certification program for XE?

I did take B7333 certification and passed 3 of them (Finance module).

Visit the "KG" to find some sample of the questions asked. You have to have worked with this system for some time and be very familiar with it for you to pass it. Good knowledge of file(table) system and the info kept in them. (Finance mostly- my certifications)

It used to be open Book, and still was difficult to pass, but you may be able to pass on the GO.

Good luck.

XE, Oracle, SP16, Sun


Yes There is one for OneWorld Xe and also the Certification is only Available for Xe.

JD Edwards sent me the scope of thier Exam, But i like to get some sample Exam papers ..



They no longer post sample questions on KG.
Are you a BP?
if not, I do not think that you will be able to see sample of exams.
You will have to rely on your experience with OW Xe

It is like that:

Given the requirements, candidate has to setup company with Cat Codes etc.

No longer is a manual allowed in the test center.

XE, Oracle, SP16, Sun
If one is not a business partner, how would one get information on Certification? Do they "certify" for specific modules or for the who system? I would most interested in the Manufacturing and Possibly the Distributions Modules.