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Thread: Removing PY7333

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    Removing PY7333

    Is there a way to remove PY7333 from a fat client? One of our fat clients has DV7333 and PY7333 and now they only want them to have DV7333. I know I can uninstall and reinstall everything, but was wondering if there is another way to accomplish this?



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    RE: Removing PY7333

    You can just delete the directory least that is what we do
    here. If the client clicks on the pathcode lookup at the login, it will
    not be available anymore/they cannot access it. I think that the system
    just looks to see what directories are available versus what pathcodes
    the profile allows for and then makes a list out of the two.
    There may be another more elegant way, but we have never had any
    problems doing it this way, and it is quick to do..


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    RE: Removing PY7333

    Tom :

    Just delete the PY7333 directory.

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    Re: Removing PY7333


    Just delete the PY7333 directory on the workstation




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    Re: Removing PY7333

    Remove that user's ability to access the environment in P0092. Or you could just delete the directory from the Fat client.

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