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Thread: ERP 8 for JD Edwards 5

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    ERP 8 for JD Edwards 5

    Here's my view of the 'OneWorld' :

    JDE offers OneWorld in one of two product lines:

    (1) ERP software only (OneWorld)
    - includes JDEdwards OneWorld

    The Migration path for the ERP product is the following:

    B7332 ----> B7333 (Xe) ----> ERP 8.0 (Xev2) ----> ERP 9.0

    (2) Enterprise Solution (JDEdwards 5)
    - includes OneWorld Xev2 (ERP 8.0), SCM, SRM, CRM, XPI, BI & Tools
    -this is really just Numeric, YouCentric and the other JDE
    acquisitions repackaged as an entire suite of products.

    JDEdwards 5 is mean to be totally web based. It looks great if you can
    afford it. ERP 8.0 is included in JDEdwards 5 but you can also get it
    without buying JDEdwards 5. It is the next major upgrade to Xe (B7333). It
    has many enhancements to apps - I'm not sure what they are.


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    RE: ERP 8 for JD Edwards 5

    I was at Focus (4th!) this year, and there was a bunch of confusion
    over how JDE was (re)naming their products. I believe the consensus as
    far as ERP8 is: ERP8= Xe, version 2 (also known as B9).
    The important thing about ERP8/Xe2, is that it is not co-existent
    anymore. If the client wants to keep World/OneWorld together at that
    level, they are forced to using XPI connectors, which in my opinion, is
    not quite there yet. They did discuss that there were a number of tools
    that are/going to be available to convert World over to ERP8. I am not a
    World user (never seen it!), so I cannot comment on how easy a migration
    it would be...


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    RE: ERP 8 for JD Edwards 5

    John, I believe you are 100% correct, except that ERP 8 is XE version 2,
    which is not the same as B9.
    B9 is due out third quarter of 2003, and will be called ERP 9.

    Andy Klee
    Still JDETips 1.0!

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    Do you know, by any chance, if the program is compatible with Clarvision? Thanks in advance!

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    I'm afraid that Clarvision either did not exist or was barely out the time ERP8 was released, so I seriously doubt it.
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