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Thread: 9.2 NER .h and .c at check-in

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    9.2 NER .h and .c at check-in

    Hey all,
    I am not very CNC literate. I am working on an upgrade to 9.2 (TR In my past experience, I swear that checking-in NERs copies the local .h/.c files to their respective folders on the deployment server. Is that correct?

    What I am seeing is that is not the case. Is there anything in the OMW/CNC configuration that would dictate this? The c-BSFNs do copy the local .h/.c files just as expected (and necessary). I get that normally this is not a requirement for NERs as those files are generated automatically during package builds. Is this behavior just new to this release/TR?

    Just confused and wondering if anybody else has seen this or knows how to configure the system to force that copy.

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    Source files are now located in the path codes respective Object Repository tables (F98780H and F98780R). During a check out, I believe it comes down from there, and checking in will put it back there. On a build, all of those objects are retrieved as part of the package for compile.

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