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Thread: Confirm Shipment using 3rd Party Application

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    Confirm Shipment using 3rd Party Application


    I am in process of implementing Hand Held Device Application to dispatched the sales order quantities.

    i want to know what are the changes happened to F4211 records or any other tables after the confirm shipment is happening using P4205

    knowing that, in order activity rules we are not updating sales ledger on confirm shipment. and we are not reducing the quantity on confirm shipment as well.



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    Hello Nasr!
    I am not sure about the detail you're looking for. But I can tell by some experience you could handle in 2 different approach:
    1. Ask/Allow the external App to call the BSFN on Ship Confirm - Calling the P4205 version you setup.
    2. Run the "batch mode" being called from inbound file from the external App, this could take advantage of R42500, this will call R47500 which will run the P4205 by version and will follow your setup.
    With those approach you could choose to Release the inventory during the Ship Confirm or not. Play the Status as you need, allow expired lots to be shipped, and everything you manage from P4205.

    Good luck!

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    If on 9.2, build an orchestration that does the Ship Confirm using a recorded P4205 form service request, and then just call your orchestration as a REST service.
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