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Thread: Network architecture for JDE

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    Network architecture for JDE

    Hello There,

    We had done migration from Sunsolaris to Oracle Linux servers based, as well with upgrading tools release (9.1.5 to, which we had new network components as well. Right now all of our new servers (DB, E1, Web, DEP and OVR) in one Vlan (ERP Vlan) which is having separate switches and separate as well from other servers (DC, Exchange..etc), and we have published only Web server through the firewall for End-users. My question is, Does this situation is good for now? or we should modify again and keep each server of the ERP components in different vlan, like DB in vlan 11, E1 in 12...etc which we need to work on ports things as well.


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    All of the JDE servers should stay in the same VLAN if possible to reduce latency and ensure performance.
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    Oracle has published a nice architecture to cover the layout of VLAN's and firewalls for JDE on OCI. The concepts should be directly applicable to an on-premise or other cloud based configuration.

    Whether you should implement this configuration or not depends on your risk tolerance and internal capabilities to manage this fairly complicated solution. It is a pretty tightly locked down layout, but still allows JDENET traffic to traverse the on-premise network which I consider a significant hole since you cannot otherwise secure BSFN's launched from JDENET.
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