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Thread: Errors in BSSV while converting Math to Integer

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    Unhappy Errors in BSSV while converting Math to Integer

    Hi All,

    I just started learning BSSV,so started creating bssv by using some docs. Now am facing some errors in the below code,Please let me know what is wrong in my Publisher Output value object. Also attached screenshot. I am not sure, why my "Internal VO" creates Mathnumeric and "Publisher Output VO" creates Integer on same variable?

    public void setUniqueKeyIDInternal(Integer uniqueKeyIDInternal) { this.uniqueKeyIDInternal = uniqueKeyIDInternal;
    public Integer getUniqueKeyIDInternal() {
    return uniqueKeyIDInternal;
    public void setUniqueKeyIDInternal (MathNumeric mnUniqueKeyID) {
    if (mnUniqueKeyID != null)
    this. uniqueKeyIDInternal = new Integer(mnUniqueKeyID.intValue());
    this. uniqueKeyIDInternal = new Integer (0);
    public Output_GetNextUniqueKey(Internal_GetNextUniqueKey internalVO)
    //Copy the values from the internal VO to the published return class values.
    this.setObjectName (internalVO.getSzObjectName());
    this.setUniqueKeyIDInternal(internalVO.getMnUnique KeyID());

    Thanks in advance!

    Dev Raj
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