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Thread: BI Publisher logo retrieved from the server file directory and referenced in RTF

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    Question BI Publisher logo retrieved from the server file directory and referenced in RTF


    Has anyone been able to retrieve a logo image (in jpg, png, or gif format) from a server file directory, which is referenced in the RTF template?

    Kindly advise.
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    Here's what I do for dynamic company logos on checks: Embed an image of the correct size in your RTF template. When you right click on the image, select "Edit Alt Text...", which opens up a sidebar. In the sidebar text box, enter an appropriate path name , such as: url:{concat('\\servername\e$\BIP\Logos\', Logo_ID999) } . Specify the name of the image file inside the XML tag: <Logo_ID999>mylogo.jpg</Logo_ID999>. Or you could just hard-code the entire image file path name in the Alt Text box. I run my BIP UBEs needing dynamic logos on a Windows enterprise server.
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    I've done this yes

    In the header have this


    then add this somewhere on your Word template


    <?when: CostCenter_ID242=' 215S'?> Embedded JPEG 1 <?end when?>
    <?when: CostCenter_ID242=' 215'?> Ebedded JPEG 2 <?end when?>
    <?otherwise:?> Embedded JPEG 3 <?end otherwise?>

    The embedded JPEGs are just that, the actual media JPEG added to the footer of your template

    <?end choose?>
    <?end template?>
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