We are on E1 apps 9.0, tools

Not a CNC person, but responsible for JDE servers when they need to be rebooted. Changes are being requested that could affect our weekend reboots schedule. Please read on.

Previously, our six JDE servers, JDEDEPLOY (deployment server), JDEENT (Production Enterprise Server), JDEENTD (Non-Prod Enterprise Server), JDEWEB01 (prod web server), JDEWEB02 (prod web server), JDEWEB03D (non-prod web server), are rebooted, in that order at 10 minute intervals. Starting about 5 am Sundays. The DBA teams shuts down the production database at midnight Saturday night and does their online backup. Previously they also did the non-prod database in this window.

Now they have moved the backup of the non-prod database to Sunday evening around 9:15 pm. So i need to restart at least the Non-Prod servers after the non-prod back is finished. So after the Sunday evening non-prod backup, I would think I would just need to reboot the Dev enterprise server JDEENTD and the Dev web server JDEWEB03D.

But do I also need to reboot JDEDEPLOY sunday night, that is my confusion.

Since JDEDEPLOY connects to all environments, would that server need to be restarted also after the non-prod database is shut down, backed up, and restarted?

Or should I do a full restart of all servers, both Sunday morning and Monday morning.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.