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Thread: Vertex Q series Vs Vertex O series

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    Vertex Q series Vs Vertex O series


    We are in process of switching our tax software from Vertex Q series to Vertex O series. Has anyone tried this and what are benefits of changing from Q series to O series ? We are using JDE enterprise one 9.1 and this is only implemented in US .
    From what I understand is that Q series is certified by Oracle and O series is not . This means that customization if needed would be done by Vertex Consultants .
    From administration stand point ,what would be the pain points as I saw that the O series uses a different server (web service) called by business functions via XML. What 's the performance look like comparatively to Q series.

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    Hello Nyam,

    I would be interested to hear how your switch went if you are willing to share. We are on Q and considering changing.

    Current: E1 9.2, TR, Win2012 R2, SQL Server 2014 R2, Weblogic, OneView, Embedded BIP
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    Original: E1 8.0, SP 24.1.2, Win2003, SQL Server 2005 SP3, all fat client

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