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Thread: AIS Appstack subsequent requests receiving error "invalid rid"

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    AIS Appstack subsequent requests receiving error "invalid rid"


    I am following this documentation for creating multiple form requests to the appstack endpoint:

    The first request to open the connection is successful. For my second request, I am using the stateId, stackId and rid that is returned in the response from the first request as the documentation says to do. However it is returning the following error, implying the rid value is invalid:

    {"sysErrors":[{"TITLE":"Did not connect to correct Session (invalid rid)","DESC":"Did not connect to correct Session (invalid rid)"}]}

    I'm copying/pasting it exactly from the first request's response data, so no idea how it could be invalid. Anyone encountered this error?


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    It would help to see the exact json sent and returned and the endpoint you are sending it to.
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    We ran into an issue like this which was caused by us not sending the correct stack ID, state ID, and RID together. So for example we had the correct RID, but we were sending in a non incremented state ID. Another issue that we had run into was not putting quotes around the RID.

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