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Thread: Customer PO/Supplier SO (VR01) - F4201/F4211/F4301/F4311

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    Customer PO/Supplier SO (VR01) - F4201/F4211/F4301/F4311

    A few questions on this field:

    - Does this field copy from the header (F4201/F4301) to the detail (F4211/F4311)?
    - Is this field editable in the detail? If so, how?
    - Does this field update for transfer orders, meaning, if I enter a Customer PO in F4201, would this copy to the same field in F4301 (and subsequently to the F4311 fields)?

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    From Header Revisions (either for SO's or PO's), take the form exit to Header-to-Detail->Define. In here you mark the fields with a "1" that you want to populate from the header to the detail lines.
    Yes, you can update the field (VR01) in SO Detail Revisions. Don't know about PO Detail Revisions, but probably.
    I haven't worked with transfer orders much -- anyone else out there have an answer on that?
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