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Thread: SIOMIT in 9.2

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    SIOMIT in 9.2

    Does anyone know if changing F9860.siomit will still change a non-updating report into an updating report? I tried this, but the log still says " Read Only Report, Fetch for update not executed." I even tried copying the original report and selecting the updating report option with no success. Any help is appreciated!

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    Reposting from the Technical forum:

    It looks like it should work. According to Oracle Doc 627916.1, your choices are:

    1 - Copy the report to a new report, and define the copy as an update report. Recreate any versions. (Recommended solution for standard JDE objects)
    2 - Update the column SIOMIT from 1 (No Update Report) to 0 (Update Report) for the custom report object in the Object Librarian table (F9860) using a SQL query. Taking a back-up of table F9860 is strongly recommended before updating the table. (Recommended solution for custom reports)
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