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Thread: Export entire code base

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    Quote Originally Posted by craig_welton View Post
    To Brian's point, latest JDE does store a zipped object version at check-in, but I don't think that would work in a version control.
    This may be getting a little off topic, but does it (latest tools release) store multiple versions of the object, i.e. one for every check-in so that I could go and pull the version of the object from any past check-in? That was the thing I miss the most about OMW over a real VCS - version history (along with checkin comments, lables, etc.). With OMW when I make a change to code I occasionally feel compelled to comment out old code and replace with new so I can see what changed or revert back in the case of a regression.

    Of course it would also be nice to have the branching and merging of Git but... I would just be happy to be able to pull old versions of an object.
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    Yep, each check-in stores a PAR format of the object in F98780H
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