Looking for feedback on what has been done by others to populate the Country Code and State Code for all international locations. We want to adopt ISO 3166-2 Standard but know that JDE is not capable of doing this. As a workaround what do others do for international address information? To build on the Bug Description Below we have a Country Code of 'US' and a State Code of 'WA'. Currently we have the description 1 in the State Code of WA as "Washington" but technically it could also mean "Western Australia" or "Wasit" in Iraq. If we drop the Description of "WASHINGTON" then we have a gap for reporting or printing of needing the Description of the State. Hope this makes sense.

Here is the detail of the Bug from Oracle.

Here's the info for Enh Bug 10859917 - LOC: AU:00/S UDC TABLE & ISO - SAR: 7304710:
ISO 3166-2 codes for Australia describe 6 States and 2
Territories. The first part is the ISO 3166-1 code AU for
Australia, the second part of the code is two-digit-alphabet
ic. The purpose of this family of standards is to establish
a worldwide series of short abbreviations for places, for
use on package labels, containers and such. Anywhere where
a short alphanumeric code can serve to clearly indicate a
location in a more convenient and less ambiguous form than
the full place name. US readers may wish to consider them
as the equivalent of worldwide zip or postal codes.
Per the ISO standards briefly discussed above, the abbreviat
ion for Western Australia is AU-WA, which is the concantenat
ion of the country and state. However, E1 doesn't seem to
account for this. In the 00/S UDC table, W.A is used to
denote Western Australia from Washington state (uses code
WA). Other Australian locations use similar three character
value to represent them in this UDC table.