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Thread: How to release Form Extension? (UDO)

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    How to release Form Extension? (UDO)

    Hello All,

    I want to add a new field in the grid and I would like to do this by the future like Form Extension, when I select this option it is showing reserved by some user. and not allowing to add any fields.

    please let me know how to release the reservation.


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    Only one user can work on a form extension at any time.
    When you are working on a form extension, if another user clicks the Form Extension icon on the same form, the system will display a message for that user, indicating that the form extension has been reserved by user.

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    Hi Sai,

    Thanks for replay, But the thing is we are not editing at the same time. the other user just created Form Extension and left it a couple days back

    And I want to created new one. But the system still saying reserved by that user.

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    In that case, you need to take help from admin and get the token released. Most probably it will be in default project of user who modified (web OMW).
    It will work similar to an OL object Dev life cycle.

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    I have removed the reservation and did check out and added to my default project to edit but it is showing like "object status changed, pls logout and login back", I did the same thing but again is showing the same message Object state changed. Please Logout and Login. Not allowing me to do change.

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    I guess there is a form extension already available for this application (Verify in P98220U)

    Try to modify the same version which is having form extension then it will work.

    For instance, if your object is P4210 and you created a form extension for P4210 | ZJDE0001 sucessfully...later if you try to reserve / edit different
    version i.e., P4210| will give an error as " "Object status changed. Please Logout and Login"

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    I had that same issue in 9.2.2 which is applying the form extension to the version level which it shouldn't be doing. If you go into UDO Administration, if you see a version on the form extension object, you are having the same issue. Basically, it has corrupted the form extension. You will need to move to 9.2.3 at which time you are going to have to redo the form extensions to fix it. This was fixed under bug 28209186.

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