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Thread: Orchestrator versus DSI

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    Orchestrator versus DSI


    JDE 9.2
    Application Release: E920
    Tools Release

    My company is in the planning stages of using JD Edwards WMS module instead of an in-house developed WMS application. Management is leaning more toward using DSI for the barcode scanners.

    I'm just looking for some input from IT personnel who have had experience utilizing Orchestrator and/or DSI for the Warehouse Management System. Such as...What are the pros and cons?



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    Research this carefully...IIRC, DSI was bought out and now support is very limited.
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    DSI was bought out?
    Jeremy Shearer

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    I don't see any evidence to suggest that DSI was bought out.

    Hari Sharma
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    If by DSI you mean all the ND3N BSFNs that come with E1, we use that and I hate it
    They are clones of the main E1 BSFNs and wrapped up actions that P4216 would use and execute for example, but they need DSI scripts too

    I'd much rather use AIS to control the actions of the base E1 forms. Faster lighter, cleaner and more easy to debug as it's a one stop shop

    I am trying to persuade my company to go this way and move away from DSI. Which is old, hard to manage in terms of 2 system deployments (scripts and BSFNS) and if you're careful can have sticky connections that you have to kick everyone out of the warehouse systems to deploy and update.

    The good thing about E1 vs in house is....Who on earth can walk into your company and know how your system works? No one as it's your own code.
    A WMS analyst in Greenland could start to work for you next week in Australia and be up to speed very quickly.

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    I recently helped a client implement RFSmart for data collection (bar code scanners, label printing), and was impressed with the ease of integration to JDE.

    Worth adding to your list if you are considering DSI.

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    Sorry guys...MY MISTAKE...I was thinking of another company (SBI?)
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    Hi there, Sound good, interested in finding more about RFSmart adaptability with JDE E1. Does it use standard JDE E1 BSFNs?

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    We use RFSmart. It effectively uses "standard" jde E1 BSFNS. They wrote all their own BSFNs that then call standard JDE E1 BSFNs.
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    Hi Patrick,

    How is your project going?

    We implemented an in-house Microsoft PowerApp mobile application (no scanner required).
    We print QR code labels using Bottomline's Transform (former FormScape).
    The PowerApp + E1 custom application fetching the User ID by eMail + Orchestration (one FSR for UserByeMail and a second for the Cycle Count) & the Transform project were completed in three weeks of part time work.

    With pleasure,
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