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Thread: Basic Code 8 advanced pricing business function

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    Talking Basic Code 8 advanced pricing business function

    Hi all,

    As per Oracles instructions and other threads on here to use P4072 ‘Object Library’ (stored in F4072.ADFRMN) to specify a custom business function we must use the data structure D4500210.
    This data structure passes into the function “idF4211RowPtr” which is a pointer to the F4211 record in cache.

    The only way I can see to use this value is the JDE standard API “jdeRetrieveDataPtr”
    Called something like this..
    lpdsF4211 = jdeRetrieveDataPtr(hUser,lpDS->idF4211RowPtr);

    This is fine and works but most the fields it returns are blank? It returns the key fields and some pricing columns but most are blank (even though they were entered into the F4211 Edit Line and end up on the Sales Order).

    Is there a way of getting the rest of the fields? I particularly need another order number to store like RORN or OORN.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sysmk View Post
    lpdsF4211 = jdeRetrieveDataPtr(hUser,lpDS->idF4211RowPtr);
    jdeStoreDataPtr, jdeRetreiveDataPtr, jdeRemoveDataPtr are all platform independent ways to pass pointers around between C BSFNs.

    In this particular case, the BSFN is expecting a handle returned by a call to jdeStoreDataPtr on a pointer to a F4211 record in caller allocated memory (not "cache"). This is all done in C, so you need to have a fairly strong understanding of C and C BSFNs. You also need to really understand how jdeStoreDataPtr, jdeRetrieveDataPtr and jdeRemoveDataPtr work or you can leak handles, leak memory, dereference null pointers or pointers to previously free'd memory, etc. all of which can crash your entire call object kernel.

    Here is the generic pseudo code for this pattern:

    BSFN: GetSalesDetailRecord
    F4211  *pRecSalesDetail = (F4211 *)NULL;
    pRecSalesDetail= jdeAlloc(COMMON_POOL, sizeof(F4211), MEM_ZEROINIT);
    //JDEBASE code that gets the F4211 record and stores in the memory buffer pointed to by pRecSalesDetail
    lpDS->idF4211RowPtr = jdeStoreDataPtr(hUser, pRecSalesDetail);
    BSFN: what ever BSFN needs a F4211 record
    F4211  *pRecSalesDetail = (F4211 *)NULL;
    pRecSalesDetail = jdeRetrieveDataPtr(hUser, lpDS->idF4211RowPtr); //gets the pointer but doesn't release the handle
    BSFN: FreeSalesDetailRecord
    F4211  *pRecSalesDetail = (F4211 *)NULL;
    pRecSalesDetail = jdeRemoveDataPtr(hUser, lpDS->idF4211RowPtr); //gets the pointer AND releases the handle
    You might be able to find a BSFN that returns a handle/pointer to a F4211 record and one that releases the returned handle and allocated memory in which case you won't need to write any C code but just glue everything together with ER code.
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