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Thread: Server Manager (for 1-click provisioning) will not start; how to resolve this?

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    Server Manager (for 1-click provisioning) will not start; how to resolve this?


    I'm executing the JDE/E1 1-click provisioning (ocp) process (Windows on premise). The Provisioning Console requires a connection to Server Manager but it is down. Debug files indicate "output: Port 8998 is still DOWN" and "Server Manager Console is not running".

    The ocp install/prep provides an executable \JDE> E1CloudConsoleWin.ps1 that will start the Provisioning Console if run from Powershell. I see a similar file named jde-sm.ps1 in that same directory, something tells me it should start Server Manager, but running jde-sm.ps1 from Powershell does not help.

    Can anyone please tell me how to run jde-sm.ps1 if that's the right way to start Server Manager? Otherwise, what is the correct way to start it?

    I see references to scheduling it through weblogic, etc. but that must be for some other purpose. I can't see how the ocp documentation/steps would just skip those steps for something that appears to (be designed for) automatically started. Thanks!

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    I resolved this. There was code in that was corrupting the JAVA_HOME variable value. the result was replacing a '.' in the actual directory name with a '~'; which is invalid. This prevented the weblogic AdminServer from started, but it now is running on port 10450.

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