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Thread: 40 char supplier invoice number

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    40 char supplier invoice number

    We are working on a project to use a third party procurement system. This system will be sending data to JDE AP via an interface to create Vouchers. However, this third party system uses a 40 character Supplier Invoice Number, and JDE's field for Vendor Invoice Number is 25 characters.

    We are being asked to store this full 40 character value. We have even been asked to change the F0411 to increase the size of RPVINV, but will not be attempting that. Right now the idea is to store what will fit in the RPVINV, then store anything over 25 in a new field.

    Has anyone had a similar requirement. We would be very interested in how this was handled. Thanks for your assistance.

    We are on tools apps 9.0.

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    I think the only other fields you can put the remaining 15 characters are: VR01 (max 25) and URRF (max 15). If you split the invoice number like this, you need to make sure that the first 25 characters of the invoice# coming from the third party are unique (by supplier). Otherwise, it will not get into the system.

    Your other option is to use a tag table.

    Hari Sharma
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    James, to add to Hari's suggestion: If you're comfortable enough with the coding required to implement a tag file, you could create an Invoice level tag file, essentially creating a parent table for the F0411 Supplier Ledger. The F0411 is really a denormalized table that includes both invoice and invoice line item columns. You could make this tag file joining on the Document Company, Document Type, and Document Number and add your extended invoice ID text column and whatever else that might be useful. You would probably need to create a corresponding Z file for this as well. Update the tag file right after the regular Z upload process successfully completes.
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