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Thread: Emailing from Transorm - Get non-deliverable messages if bad address

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    Question Emailing from Transorm - Get non-deliverable messages if bad address

    We want to email invoices from Transform to our customers. My problem is not getting a return message when the To email address is invalid. Can anyone supply the correct setup to ensure we are notified of undeliverable emails?

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    Hi Tmackin,

    First thing, your question should be in the FormScape forum and not Create!form

    Second, this is a function of your SMTP Server and not Transform.

    I've never heard of bi-directional communication from an SMTP server email address back to Transform.

    This should be a function of the actual email address inbox.

    This may be possible, but would certainly be very advanced setup if even doable.

    Maybe others can comment on this.

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    Just a follow up:

    I tested this with another client and they DO get notified if the email address is invalid.

    I checked their email setup in Transform, very basic, nothing special.

    He indicated to me this is purely initiated by the SMTP server.

    I'll send you the email server info that gets sent back to the TO address, hope it helps.


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