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Thread: Seek for the log or any function can check the developer action / steps on R3411

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    Seek for the log or any function can check the developer action / steps on R3411

    Dear all the experts,
    Good day,
    Currently we facing issue that want to trace/ check the developer actions on Report R3411 which include:
    1. what , Event Rules code had been update/ amend with the original Event Rules code?
    2. what the features or function had been change
    3. Or any activities that different from original version.
    Is any log file or features or function in JDE? OMW that we can trace or check the history?
    Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,
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    You can use ER compare to compare your modified UBE to Pristine. That will highlight what you've changed. If you need to see if anything moved around or display properties have changed download the free ObjectBrowser tool. You can use that to export the ER and Properties to a text file for your modified UBE and the UBE from the Pristine environment. You can then use a text compare tool to compare the 2 text files to find both ER and Property changes.
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