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Thread: Retiring the AS/400. Need to Archive World Custom Code

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    Retiring the AS/400. Need to Archive World Custom Code

    We migrated from World to E1 9.2 in December of 2017. However, we left World running for historical purposes.

    At this point, we are looking to retire the AS/400 and we would like to archive the RPG code for reference in case we need to duplicate additional Reports and/or Processes.

    How do you pull the RPG Code (assuming that it is text files) off of the AS/400? When I go in to look at the code, I use the following thru PDM/Work with Members:

    1: File = JDESRC
    2: Library = ***MODSRC (need to keep the beginning secure)
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    One of my cat's least favorite sayings is "there's more than one way to skin a cat".

    You COULD use the excel add-in to "transfer data from IBM i" looking at ***MODSRC/JDESRC(member).
    I'm not saying this is the ONLY way, the BEST way,or that it's useful to get ALL source, but it is an option.
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    Here's a way to use FTP to transfer source members...

    Create a "script file" for FTP (e.g. SourceCode_Transfer.txt) and enter these FTP command lines:

    user MyUserId MyPassWord
    cd ***MODSRC
    prompt off
    mget JDESRC.*

    Then perform the following steps to create a directory, change to the directory and activate the FTP script. Remember to
    replace SYSTEMNAME with your Network name for the AS400/iSeries/i

    MD C:\SourceCode
    CD C:\SourceCode
    FTP -d -n -s:C:\SourceCode_Transfer.TXT SYSTEMNAME

    Now sit back and *wait* ... lol
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