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Thread: [JDE 9.1] Using 2 role at the same time?

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    [JDE 9.1] Using 2 role at the same time?

    Hi there!

    So at my job they always had an issue with JDE Security when someone as to use 2 role at the same time.

    With our security, if a person has 2 role, they use the sequence to know which one to use first.

    It's all good as long as they don't have security on the same object.

    Like if F4201 is in read only for the first role, and read-write for the second role, it will be read only.

    And we don't want that. I don't get why it would work like this, it doesn't make sense to me.

    Are we doing something wrong? Is there a solution to this?

    Right now we have to use 2 browser, one using a role and the second using the second role.

    It's not productive.

    Thank you!

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    When you have two (or more) roles in conflict it has to pick one or the other, there is no way to know which is the 'right' answer. By definition the first instance of the security is used.

    If you need different results, you should make a 3rd role that does what you want and use it.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah creating a 3rd role was my last option, but I try not to do that. Especially in this case, because it's a role that won't be used ever again.

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