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Thread: Committing Stock to a Sales Order

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    Committing Stock to a Sales Order

    Hi Folks,

    I have a custom screen over F4211 that allows users to do all manner of quick changes to SO lines.
    A new request is to allow users to add LOTN LOCN and commit the stock.

    Is there any 'simple' way to do this?
    I have been looking at how P4210 does it or how R42520 does it, but all involve caching etc.

    Is there a simpler object in E1 to break down and see how E1 does it? Id rather avoid caching etc if I can.

    So far I have seen that P4210 calls F4211EditLine which calls ProcessSOMBFCommitment_Commt then CommitSalesOrderToInventory B4200370 (but they all use the cache Job No)

    R42520 also calls more or less the same BSNFs but again uses Cache....I think

    It calls N4201360 PickSlipsInventoryCommitment. So maybe I can just loop through the F4211 callign this BSFN??

    Has anyone written their own commitment logic?


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