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    Export utility

    Hello there

    Is there any way we can export JDE information example employee information in comma delimited format?
    information might need to pull from different tables.



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    Manual option - Export grid data button from databrowser (or any grid)... choose the export to CSV option.

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    Thanks Rob
    That is the option but it is very limited to the table/Application. cant do any custom export. I thought JDE might have out of the box export application which allow you to do that for multiple tables, link and export.
    I don't want to write SQL which is tedious.



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    Another old school option is to use a fat client with ODA and query and extract using MS Access. You could also use the DAD driver with a tool like Dell Boomi to pump the data to a CSV.
    Jeremy Shearer

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    There is an export to CSV tick box option for UBEs in the print setup. I've never used it. I'm sure there are JDEListers who have.
    Thanks, Peter

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