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Thread: Change date of voided payment

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    Change date of voided payment

    We are using manual payments (P0413M) and one payment is created and posted. After which, it's voided and the user put date 21/01/2019, and posted too.
    Now the user need to change the void date to 31/12/2018 to make this to reflect in previous year.

    Is there any way to do this ?
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    This would not be recommended. It would have be done via the database and all the lines in all the tables would have to be identified and changed. The F0902 would have to be rebuilt for all the accounts and periods (and ledger types) involved and the opening balances would have to be rebuilt in the F0902 for all the accounts (and ledger types) involved.

    It may be better to handle it using accounting (may be a reversing journal), depending on the reason for the requested change in GL date.
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